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GSD Innovations, is a purpose driven evolved enterprise that delivers innovative solutions that address the planet’s most difficult challenges affecting those most in need.

Globally-focused GSD Innovations, LLC offers a variety of options to clients interested in making the switch to GSD Innovation’s best-in-class solutions. From direct sales to public-private partnerships, joint ventures and community cooperatives, GSD Innovations doesn't sell technologies, we craft custom solution packages that address the challenge at hand. We also work with our clients to arrange the most appropriate project financing arrangements and agreements.


GSD Innovations partners with only the best solutions in the waste-to-energy, prefabricated construction, wastewater treatment and rural economic development areas. Our solutions are proven and have a track record of guaranteed performance.


Our solutions are designed to comply with the most stringent U.S. and European requirements using state-of-the-art technology and controls. 


Working with our dedicated technology, logistics and operating partners, we provide fast, reliable, low cost integrated solutions to the world’s most remote locations and for the world's most pressing challenges.

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