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GSD Innovations provides clients with innovative biomass and waste-to-energy solutions. We offer customized solutions to produce electricity, heat energy and combined heat and power (CHP) in developed and developing nations. We and our manufacturing partners begin with complete analysis of the type and quantity of biomass or waste to be processed, then customize an optimal solution according to client needs. What organic waste-to-energy challenges can we help solve for you? Contact us for more information about our organic waste-to-energy solutions.

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GSD Innovations’ rural development projects create jobs, generate investment in communities most in need and bring real economic growth that drives further expansion. We partner with community members and farmers to develop agro-industrial cooperatives to produce food, animal fodder, biogas, organic fertilizer, and other value-added products. We also capture the produced CO2 and transform it into oxygen, resulting in a favorable, and nonpolluting, impact on the environment using 100% of our harvests without deterioration to the soil.. Contact us with information about your challenge.

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GSD Innovations offers proven and effective way to remove contaminants from water. Our partners used technology based on valid scientific principles. Depending on the solution matrix, their process is able to take out over 99 percent of some heavy metal cations and also disrupt cell wall or cell membrane of microorganisms in the water. Our technology partner will control the operation of the technology to insure that each unit is operated in a competent manner and in accordance with the desires and directions of our customers. Contact us with your wastewater and sanitation challenges. 


Our affordable housing and prefabricated construction manufacturing partner is the global leader in providing innovative new manufacturing systems and state of the art robotics to light steel framing at all time low prices. Choose from a range of standard building designs or let our combined teams provide specialist design and build solutions to meet your prefabricated building  and community planning needs as well as your budget requirements. Contact us with your project and see how we will exceed your expectations. 


In partnership with our technology provider, GSD Innovations offers a proven, innovative, sustainable energy storage solution for the Distributed Generation market. Our solution is a unique configuration combining three key elements; thermal storage, heat exchanger, and steam generator.    Contact us to learn more about the key advantages of our state-of-the-art energy storage solutions. 

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GSD Innovations provides value-added strategic project management consulting and advisory services to renewable energy projects around the world.   Our team of proven renewable energy experts have built over 140 utility-scale power plants. They are recognized leaders in microgrid, islanded power grid and interconnected large scale renewable development. We are focused on meeting the needs of our government and industry clients, as well as delivering unmatched value-added economic development results for their communities. Our strategic management consulting and advisory services are comprehensive and cover the full lifecycle of project management activities; offering you everything you need from project beginning to end. Let’s get started!

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Our off-grid solar partner, Inergy Technologies, are experts in renewable energy system and off-grid solar electric power project development. We provide complete off-grid systems, including solar panels, batteries, accessories, maintenance and support. In partnership with GSD, Inergy off-grid solar systems provide clean, renewable energy to residential, commercial and industrial sites around the world. Let us design your custom off-grid solution that addresses your off-grid or rural electrification needs. Contact us with your project and see how we will exceed your expectations. 


GSD offers services that range from basic environmental consulting, to design, development, and implementation of turnkey projects and water/wastewater plans that result in reduced impacts on the environment. Our technical and engineering team members have extensive experience and expertise in the wastewater treatment and waste management sectors. Contact us with challenge and see how we will exceed your expectations.