Great River Creative (GRC) is proud to be the exclusive global business development partner of GSD Innovations, LLC. GRC is an award-winning, full-service strategic marketing and business development agency providing unmatched value to our clients’ needs.

GRC’s extensive business and economic development experience in several high-impact industries, including hospitality, travel, tourism, education, community development, ecommerce and agritourism gives them a distinct advantage when developing cutting-edge, revolutionary campaigns for their clients. Their team of passionate, strategic-thinking, creative professionals makes them a passionate agency, uniquely qualified to fulfill the business development needs of their clients.

GRC’s work focuses on partnering with client organizations to:

Generate increased revenue through strategic planning and development programs.

Provide expertise on business and economic development strategies that will enhance the work of your organization.

Support businesses and organizations that are committed to introducing innovative programs and campaigns.

GRC is driven by engagement. They are a Chicago-based full-service business development agency impassioned to help clients achieve their dreams. The most unique aspect about them is their commitment to growing relationships step-by-step, proving their capabilities and creating true long-term partnerships with their clients. 

​GRC is at the forefront of the “Great Transformation” in global business development. From large enterprises to small businesses and communities, they work with clients to achieve success beyond simply completing transactions. They enable them to grow into a truly evolved enterprise while maintaining brand control, boosting sales, and instantly connecting with their target audiences in a meaningful and long-lasting way.

​The GRC team is responsible for developing some of the most ground-breaking solutions to the world's most pressing issues. Together, the GRC team brings decades of business and economic development experience to their clients' projects. ​

Great River Creative is a Sweet C Ventures, LLC company.

Their innovative cutting-edge approach and out-of-the-box strategic thinking have no limits, it’s what they do.

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