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SciCorp International 

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GSD Innovations is the global operations and business development partner for SciCorp International Corp. and their BIOLOGIC liquid micronutrient odor control and sludge reduction technology. 

For over 30 years, SciCorp has provided innovative solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. BIOLOGIC eliminates odors associated with anaerobic treatment and biosolids in a wastewater treatment environment. BIOLOGIC reduces aeration energy consumption and biosolids, saving clients 25% in processing and disposal costs. 

BIOLOGIC increases biological treatment efficiency, reduces accumulated FOG, reduces plant upset and effectively increases the organic load capacity of biological wastewater treatment systems. 

Wastewater Treatment with Engineering Support

Municipal WWTPs

Odor elimination and sludge reduction are common issues in municipal wastewater facilities. SciCorp's BIOLOGIC along with the company's team of leading edge environmental engineers can help solve the most extreme issues.

Industrial WWTPs

Adding BIOLOGIC to an industrial biological wastewater treatment system has been proven to significantly increase the facility’s operating efficiencies, dramatically reduce costs, quickly eliminate odors, and rapidly improve effluent quality.

Engineering Support

included at no extra cost

Throughout the process, our engineers work with you to understand your facility and the challenges you face. We assist you in carrying out a simple test with immediate results to demonstrate how BIOLOGIC works. 


+1 312 399 9578


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