How Trump can make the waste-to-energy industry great

Like most Americans, the US and global waste-to-energy industries are trying to figure out what the results of the Presidential and Congressional elections mean for their future. While the 2016 election season was like no other, waste-to-energy organizations can prosper in the new environment.

With the Republicans now controlling the White House, the House and Senate several areas of opportunity arise for policy issues important to the US waste-to-energy industry.

Tax Reform: A tax package could include a longer path to development and technology neutrality for renewables.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure is going to be a Trump priority. Waste-to-energy fits exceptionally well into the infrastructure story. Our waste disposal infrastructure must be addressed including landfills, agricultural waste and water resource recovery facilities. Digesters and combustors can address many of those concerns and help provide American construction jobs as well as post construction employment.

Domestic Energy Resources: President-elect Trump is also very bullish on developing America's energy sources. We expect this to mean renewed interest in ensuring that the energy infrastructure works for all forms of energy, both fossil and renewable. Opportunities for more equitable pipeline and grid policies and investments in natural gas infrastructure which can be used for distribution and sale of renewable natural gas.

Farm Bill: President-elect Trump won by huge margins in rural and agricultural regions. We expect to see a strong Farm Bill to support rural America. Congress is already hard at work crafting the next bill. Renewables, bioenergy and waste-to-energy have a large role to play in the new legislation as they bring diversity to on-farm economies, solutions to agricultural challenges and increased vitality to farm communities.

Bioenergy and waste-to-energy projects have an excellent opportunity to move forward on several significant policy opportunities with the new Trump Administration and Republican Congress.

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